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The good news—vaccine distribution is now well underway, more stimulus is in the works, and there is cause for cautious optimism.  There is, however, an as yet undetermined risk of new virus strains, unemployment remains stubbornly high and the economy is still vulnerable and uncertain.  The recent speculation on stocks like GameStop is just one small example and reminder of these unusual and unpredictable times. 

Here at the Credit Union we won’t give you speculative stock or trading tips.  What we can promise is phenomenal support, services and earnings—to help you stay financially secure—without the risk (look at our loans, for example).  Even as other financial institutions have cut back and made it harder to qualify, we’ve kept them accessible and lowered a number of key loan rates including Auto and Home Equity. 

On the deposit side, not only are our savings rates truly exceptional, click here for details, but you’ll earn and save even more by using our popular Credit and Debit Cards.  For example our new and best Credit Card —Crystal Visa.  It offers an unbeatable combination of unlimited 3% cash back on all purchases for the first year and 2.5% thereafter,  low interest rates, and special introductory 0% APR that can help you cut debt.  And, when you use our Debit Cards you qualify for valuable cash benefits.  To encourage you to use these and our other great-value products and services, we recently launched our Your Rewards loyalty program.  This rewards you year round for simply being an active member, and I encourage you to click for more details here.

Some of our best support also takes the form of expert advice that, as we like to say, only benefits one person—you.   Take our popular Financial Wellness Check.  This relaxed expert review of your goals and finances helps uncover easy opportunities to grow wealth and avoid painful financial missteps.   Also, check out best-in-class digital platforms, like Credit Sense.  This not only monitors your credit but goes the extra mile and helps you manage and improve your credit score and cut debt. 

I’m sure by now you know that we have your back during these tough times. But, please don’t wait for a crisis to take advantage of all we have to offer.  Chat with us about how we can help you plan, grow and sustain your financial independence.

Stay healthy and safe! 

Laura Campbell

President & CEO

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