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Employee Spotlight – Tammy Brown


Meet Branch Operations AVP, Tammy Brown

Your Credit Union is a large family, and just like yours there are people who act as the glue, connecting and motivating, and making sure everyone works well together. In this Spotlight issue, hear from one of these “connectors,” who keeps our branch operations running smoothly and our people happy.  

Five hashtags that describe you?

#midwestgirl  #extraextrovert  #smartsnotsports  #sisterwithpurpose  #redismycolor

Fun Facts?

I grew up on Chicago’s storied South Side, where there’s always been an amazing sense of community! We had big “block club parties,” where everyone would bring a potluck dish. My favorite meal? Hands down: chicken, mac ‘n cheese, hot-water cornbread, greens, peach cobbler and homemade lemonade! I have a group of friends, self-styled Sisters with Purpose, who try to make a difference in our community. In high school I was a geek and teacher’s aide—a real-life goody two shoes!

In your own words—what is your job?

Ultimately, I’m a connector. I motivate and connect departments and processes so things work more efficiently and effectively. I also help people think outside the box and approach challenges creatively from alternative points of view. On another level, I give spiritual support—that is, I try to have a positive impact each day on others. Long-term, I build solid foundations and lay the groundwork for those who come after me. 

Something surprising about me?

When I was young I wanted to be a flight attendant. It seemed like the most glamorous job in the world!

A special talent?

I can make weird facial expressions like making my lips touch my nose.

My secret ambition?

One day I’d like to be an author. I have a lot of rich experiences and stories to share.

A piece of wisdom to live by?

My mother, Rebecca Harris, taught me so much—for example, like not taking for granted the “little things” in your life that others have struggled so mightily to give you. She’d say things to me like, “Stand for something (have solid values) or you will fall for anything (lose your way)…” “Find your passion—never settle for just a ‘job.’” And, “It’s all about the journey in life and what it teaches you. The lessons you learn, including hard ones, will serve you well.” I carry my mother’s words of wisdom with me, and try to live up to them, to this day.

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