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6 Reasons Now Is The Time To Buy Office Space

This year has been challenging for every sized business. But, despite the economic uncertainty, and rising interest rates, there are some silver linings. One is an abundance of office space and motivated sellers looking to cut their losses, meaning more bargaining power for you if you’re looking to purchase an office.

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When To Call In A Professional?

Contemplating a home improvement project? You are not alone. Millions of other homeowners do this every year, taking a critical look at their surroundings and thinking about what they could do to make their properties better. There are many important benefits to a home improvement project, from enhancing the look and mood of a space with a lighting upgrade to improving living space by turning that dark, dank basement into a rec room.

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Buying In A Transitional Housing Market

The combination of rising interest rates, persistent inflation, and continued home-price increases means the start of a transitional period and lower competition in the housing market, predict economists including Lawrence Yun, chief economist at the National Association of Realtors. Don’t expect it to become an outright buyer’s market anytime soon, however. 

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Keeping Your Money Safe
Should you Co-Sign?

It’s a question few want to hear: “Will you co-sign for me?” A request like this coming from relatives or friends, especially with no or low credit scores, can be difficult to respond to. Most people do not want to ignore a family member or friend in need, but co-signing comes with risks that make many nervous – justifiably – to sign on the dotted line. So, should you do it? There are many factors to consider before making a decision.

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