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When To Call In A Professional?


Contemplating a home improvement project? You are not alone. Millions of other homeowners do this every year, taking a critical look at their surroundings and thinking about what they could do to make their properties better. There are many important benefits to a home improvement project, from enhancing the look and mood of a space with a lighting upgrade to improving living space by turning that dark, dank basement into a rec room.

For homeowners with a fully stocked workshop and a full slate of power tools, taking a DIY approach to home improvement may seem like a no-brainer. But before embarking on a significant home renovation, you may want to rethink that DIY approach. Here are three times that leaving the home improvements to a professional may be a good idea based on all those disaster stories.

Taking Down A Wall
Turning two small spaces into a large open space may be appealing, but it is not easy to know when it is safe. If your home renovation plans include removing a wall, it is wise to consult with a qualified professional to scope and spec out the job before you take it on. Even if the wall in question is not load-bearing, it may take an expert’s eye to determine which walls are safe to take down and which ones are best left alone. In addition, they will know the current local building codes.

Working With Electricity
Adding new electrical outlets and rewiring an underused space can be a smart home improvement, especially with a growing family. But electrical work is not a DIY project, the awesome and potentially deadly current flowing through those wires should not be taken lightly.

There is a reason electricians are trained and licensed, and the safety aspect cannot be overestimated. If electrical work is required during a home improvement project, be sure to call an electrician to do the wiring work. They may be pricy – but doing it yourself without knowing precisely how to do it can be very dangerous and may not deliver the power you need. 

Planning A Plumbing Upgrade
Whether it’s adding an up flush toilet to the basement or upgrading to a steam shower, there are many ways a DIY plumbing project can go wrong. So do yourself a favor and call in a plumber to do the actual work unless it is very minor – like installing a new shower head, toilet flush value or kitchen sink faucets. Like electricians, plumbers can be expensive but if the alternative is poor water pressure, or an inadequate joint that bursts while you’re away for a long weekend. It’s not worth the hassle.

You can still do all the planning and take care of minor projects such as those noted, independently, but more elaborate plumbing renovations deserve professional help and guidance.

Home renovation projects are definitely a great way to add value and enjoyment to your living space and property. However, it is essential to know what can realistically accomplished by DIY, and when to call in a professional. The three situations we’ve reviewed definitely require at least the guidance of a pro, so putting down the hammer and picking up the phone may be a wise solution.

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