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Hello, and welcome to our latest Money Matters. The last quarter was filled with new developments at your Credit Union.

The most exciting was the introduction of Tulee, our digital banking platform. Thank you to all our Members who downloaded and are using the Tulee app. We hope it will make banking with us even easier. Be on the lookout for new Tools and improvements by the end of the year and into the future. We appreciate the enhancement suggestions – keep them coming!

We also introduced a new savings product, our Flex-Term Certificate, to help you earn on your terms. And we’re not done; more new products are on the way soon to help you save even more.

Speaking of what’s ahead, we are entering the holiday season. I love everything about the holidays, especially spending time with family and friends, including my new granddaughter.

The holidays bring out the best in people. We find a way to be a little kinder, more compassionate, and more generous.

Sadly, the holidays also bring out fraudsters.

So, as you head out looking for the perfect holiday gift, ingredient that will make your recipe sing or are donating to your favorite charity, I hope you’ll keep the following in mind.

The Credit Union will never call or text you for any personal information, username, passwords, or passcodes. If you receive a call or text from any number or person claiming to be an employee of the Credit Union requesting this information, hang up and call us directly at 800.877.2345.

If you call us and we ask you for a passcode, please share it. Again, we will never ask you for your username or password if you call us.

If you receive an email or text saying your username, password, phone number, or email has been changed and you did not initiate this change, please contact us immediately.

You can call us at 800.877.2345 or send a message directly to us via online chat or secure messaging within Tulee at any time. 

During the holidays, we all tend to splurge on those we care about, and even ourselves, I get it. But splurging also comes with unexpectedly high credit card bills in the new year.

One way to keep expenses under control is with a lower-interest credit card. We offer a range of cards to meet your needs. One of the best for holiday shopping is our Select Visa®. It comes with zero percent interest on purchases for the first six months. And rates start as low as 8.99 percent.

But the holidays aren’t only about spending. It’s also a time for saving.

With our new Flex-Term Certificate, you earn an impressive 5.00% APY, and you get to pick the term. If you want the flexibility to take advantage of interest rate increases, select a short term of three, six, or nine months. Or, if you think interest rates will fall, select a term from 12 to 60 months to lock in today’s high yields.

Another way to save is with our Holiday Club savings account­. Make regular deposits into this interest-earning account all year, and come next November, you’ll have a nice stash of savings for all your holiday needs.

Lastly, thank you for putting your trust in us. We take this responsibility extremely seriously and appreciate your being a member of our Credit Union family.

Our staff puts so much effort into our mission of helping our members live their best financial lives.

From myself and everyone at the Credit Union, we wish you a wonderful holiday season surrounded by those you hold dear, good health, laughter, and happy memories. Thank you.

Laura Campbell
President & CEO

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