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Best 5-Year CD Rates In California!


The economy is fickle. There are peaks and declines. The stock market climbs one quarter and crashes the next. And when it comes to interest rates, over the past five years, we bet you thought they couldn’t get any lower and wondered if they’d ever go down.

Imagine being able to predict the future. How great would that be? If for no other reason than to answer the question, “Where do you see yourself in five years?” with 100 percent accuracy. While we don’t offer clairvoyance on life matters, we offer interest certainty with our Flex-Term Certificate. Open one today, and you’ll lock in 5.00% APY* for the next five years – guaranteed. Put another way, you can earn 5.00% APY until 2028, no matter what direction the economy goes. You don’t have to be a mystic to see how impressive this is.

We’re not the only ones who think this is a great opportunity. just called our Flex-Term Certificate one of the “Best 5-Year CD Rates In California.” The good news is you can lock in this impressive rate no matter which state you call home.

Fortune isn’t the only one paying attention to our high yields; Investopedia and The Wall Street Journal have included us on their monthly list of best 5-year CD rates.

How Much Can You Earn In Five Years?
Let’s run a quick hypothetical. If you put $10,000 in a Flex-Term Certificate for five years, you’d earn $2,762 at the end of the term. That’s $10,000 safely churning out earnings year after year for five profitable years. Take that inflation. Use our Certificate Earnings Calculator to run the numbers for yourself. You can even change the amount to match your savings goals.

Here’s another hypothetical: Interest rates go down. Every dollar in your Flex-Term Certificate would be immune from a drop in rates. You’d be beating the interest rate market. Smart you.

Yes, interest rates could go up. But by locking in a 5-year term now, you lock out uncertainty and give up on anxiety. You enjoy five years of 5.00% APY for 100 percent peace of mind. And your money is NCUA insured up to a total of $250,000 to help you sleep even sounder.

We understand five years may seem like a long time. Fortunately, with our Flex-Term Certificate, you earn 5.00% APY no matter which month term you select: 3, 6, 9, 12, 18, 24, 36, 48, or the entire 60 month (5-year) term.

One Final Thought
After you open your Flex-Term Certificate, you’ll probably want to tell people about the impressive 5.00% APY and how easy it was to open. But there are some people we don’t want you to share the news with. Fraudsters. The holidays are filled with fraudsters and scams. We will NEVER call or text you for any personal information, username, passwords, or passcodes. If you receive a call or text from any number or person claiming to be an employee of the Credit Union requesting this information, HANG UP AND CALL US DIRECTLY at 800.877.2345. Have a safe and wonderful holiday season!

*APY = Annual Percentage Yield. Yields are subject to change at any time. Early withdrawal penalty and fees could reduce the earnings on an account. Please visit our website for complete terms and restrictions.

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