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Keeping Your Money Safe
Real Information About Imposter Scams

Imagine this. It’s a lovely spring Saturday. You’re enjoying time in the sun when you get a text from your bank asking you to confirm a recent wire transfer or suspicious or unauthorized activity. You then receive a phone call from what appears to be your bank. The individual on the phone, who you assume is from your bank, texts you a code and then asks you to share it with them to verify it’s you. They say all looks good. They thank you for your time. And you go back to your lazy, sunny afternoon. Read more.

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Financial Wellness
5 Things To Do With Your Student Loan Forgiveness Money

The news recently has been filled with stories about student loan relief. Last month, the government proposed a plan to erase or lower student loan debt for more than 30 million people. And with the average student loan debt of $38,290 among all borrowers and a total loan debt in America of a record high of $1.74 trillion, any relief will significantly impact individuals across the country.* Read more.

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Credit Union News Laura Campbell Money Matters
April 2024: Message From Our CEO

Some years, like this one, just seem more eventful than others. Artificial intelligence is reshaping our world rapidly. And the quest to redefine other worlds is picking up, too. It seems like virtually every other month, a new mission takes off for the moon in anticipation of setting up permanent bases and, one day, colonies. Credit Union branches in space – now there’s an intriguing thought! 

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Farmers Agents
6 Tax Blunders To Avoid

You tear open the letter marked “Internal Revenue Service,” wondering whether it contains an unexpected refund. But, to your dismay, you find that you owe more than you projected because of a mistake on your tax return. Your heart sinks as you figure out where you’ll get the money to pay the bill.
To avoid this scenario, it’s important to exercise caution when filling out your taxes to avoid an error that will come back to haunt you.

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