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4 Ways To Stretch Your Vacation Dollars


Use these budgeting tips to get the most out of your upcoming trip.

1: Skip the chain hotels and research a cheaper alternative such as apartment rentals, staying with family or friends, or choose a B&B or small hotel.

If a hotel is a must, skip the online booking option and call the hotel directly. The best time to call is around 4pm local time on a Sunday afternoon. Ask to speak to the manager and you could get a better deal or some added perks to your reservation.

2: Be flexible with travel and fly out on Tuesdays, Wednesdays or Saturdays for the least expensive fares. And the best time to book is usually 45 to 60 days before your trip.

If booking last minute is the only choice, look into a cruise. Ships don’t want open cabins, so booking last minute can earn you a discounted price.

3: Make lunch your big meal and have a budget dinner. Eating is a huge vacation expense, and dinner costs are a big reason why. Lunch prices are often 30% cheaper than the same meal on the dinner menu.

Also visit sites like and find coupons to places you’d want to try on vacation. This simple step will save you money (and skipping the debate on where to have dinner is just an added benefit!)

4: Research and book activities before you leave. The last thing your wallet needs is for you to just show up and try to plan activities on a whim. Planning will allow you to prepare a budget and give you time to find online deals so you can spend more on souvenirs.

Vacationing doesn’t have to break the bank, but if you want a little extra protection for your wallet, check out your Credit Union’s low rate credit cards. Plus, with no annual fee, all you have to do is choose the card that meets your needs. Apply online today or call 800.877.2345 to learn more.

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