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Financial Wellness
Daily Habits That Make Building Wealth Easier

It is easy to think of wealth as something that happens overnight. The media often emphasizes rags to riches stories, that stock squeeze on Redit that made someone tens of millions of dollar. Or the big kitchen table idea that went on to become a billion dollar business in five years. News sites share stories of happy lottery winners, reports that also overlook the enormous odds ticket buyers face when they lay down their hard-earned money.

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Buying In A Transitional Housing Market

The combination of rising interest rates, persistent inflation, and continued home-price increases means the start of a transitional period and lower competition in the housing market, predict economists including Lawrence Yun, chief economist at the National Association of Realtors. Don’t expect it to become an outright buyer’s market anytime soon, however. 

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Financial Wellness
Food Shopping: The Blindspot in Our Spending Plan

Your relationship with food is probably pretty complex. In addition to sustenance, you may use food for comfort, gathering with others, distraction or pleasure. When you really commit to tracking your food expenses as part of putting together a spending and savings plan, you realize food can be a complicated part of your financial life too.

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Homeownership couple in kitchen
How To Compete For Homes In A Tight Market

Houses are rocketing in price and demand has been outpacing supply, spurred on by low interest rates and the fear that they will rise significantly through 2022. This is leaving prospective home buyers scrambling to find something affordable. But there are sensible strategies that can help you stay sane and in the game.

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