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Message From Our CEO

The last quarter was filled with new developments at your Credit Union. The most exciting was the introduction of Tulee, our digital banking platform. Thank you to all our Members who downloaded and are using the Tulee app. We hope it will make banking with us even easier. And be on the lookout for new Tools and improvements by the end of the year and into the future. We appreciate the enhancement suggestions – keep them coming!

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Family Matters
Holiday Card Art Contest: Calling All Young Artists

Sending family and friends a holiday card is one of the best parts of the season. It’s a beautiful tradition that helps us connect and reconnect with those we care about and people we may have lost touch with. How popular are holiday cards? According to Hallmark, in the U.S., approximately 1.3 billion holiday cards are sent annually.

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Farmers Agents
6 Reasons Now Is The Time To Buy Office Space

This year has been challenging for every sized business. But, despite the economic uncertainty, and rising interest rates, there are some silver linings. One is an abundance of office space and motivated sellers looking to cut their losses, meaning more bargaining power for you if you’re looking to purchase an office.

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Financial Wellness
7 Reasons To Open A Certificate Now

nterest rates are always a hot topic, whether the go up or down. As of this writing, the Federal Reserve has raised interest rates four times in 2023 in its effort to curb inflation. While there’s much debate on whether this is a smart move, there’s little doubt that an increase in interest rates for home and auto loans and credit cards makes it more challenging for consumers. But there is a silver lining: increased interest rates mean increased rates for CDs and Certificates.

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Moving Crisis: What To Do If Your New Home Isn’t Ready

You don’t move to a new home every day! But it sure happens from time to time. The U.S. Census Bureau estimates over 27 million people moved in 2022.

When it does happen, it’s usually stressful, even when things go smoothly. The list seems endless, from packing to finding movers, obtaining new insurance, and changing your address. The last thing anyone needs when moving is to find out that their new home won’t be available as planned, on time, regardless of the reason. Here, with some insight from our partners at Balance, are some things to consider if you end up having to wait.

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