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The end of a tumultuous year is almost here. Although it’s been a tough time for the nation, one silver lining has been how so many have spoken out about social issues and the future of our country. Like the record numbers of people of all viewpoints who made their voices heard at the ballot box. Regardless of political affiliation, Americans can fight for our beliefs and are free to speak our minds. That is the beauty of our country.

Now, as we round the corner on 2020, I want you to enjoy the holidays without added financial stress. This means that your Credit Union will help with financial support whenever needed. It also means we never stop looking for ways to keep your lives and businesses on track. Like our recent offer to give holiday loan-payment deferrals to free up cash. Or our year-end cash bonuses for using free services like Credit and Debit cards. And, knowing that life goes on with projects like homes to winterize, or winter adventures to enjoy—we’ve cut key loan rates like Home Equity Lines Of Credit, Auto and Recreational Vehicle so those events can be realized. COVID continues to be a serious threat, even as we race to develop promising vaccines. Your Credit Union is constantly monitoring developments and maintains rigorous hygiene precautions. And we’re keeping most branches open. As always, we’ll continue to maintain the highest levels of service—in person, by phone, online, by easy-schedule appointment, and through our nationwide network of ATMs and shared branches

Despite the uncertainty these days, there’s still so much to be thankful for.  For me that starts with family and friends—and this includes our wonderful Credit Union member-family. I’m glad so many of you have taken advantage of our special services and support. If we’ve been able to help you navigate difficult times, why not share the gift of Credit Union membership this year with others who could benefit? To make this easier, we’ve extended eligibility—to include family, employees, friends, neighbors and Farmers policyholders. You can also get nice referral bonuses for sharing your Credit Union relationship with others! 

Take care of yourselves, spend some quality time with family and loved ones this holiday season — and above all enjoy safely and in good spirits. Thank you for your membership.

Laura Campbell, CEO

President & CEO

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