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Meet Blake


Meet your Credit Union’s Training and Compliance Specialist, Blake McCrary

A Texas Star

I’m from Arlington, Texas. I was born and raised there. I currently live in Los Angeles, and the majority of my family lives in Texas. I have an older sister who is about two years older than me. And I have two little brothers—they’re twins.

Multi-Sport Athlete

I played football, basketball, track, and I did wrestling. I wasn’t a really big fan of football. However, I did excel at track and wrestling. I was a runner-up for State in wrestling. I ended up training for about two years out of high school with a men’s and women’s four-by-four relay coach. His name is John Drummond. So, I’m pretty athletic. And from time to time, I do like to keep up that sports regimen.

Truth in Fiction

I had been going to school at a place called Playhouse West. I stopped about a year and a half ago, so I am technically a classically trained actor. We primarily do state plays. However, we do learn a lot about how to be vulnerable as an individual. I can use my imagination and I can truly believe the circumstances that I am living out. Once that’s all said and done and the camera has stopped rolling I can have closure and consider that a life lived. 

If anyone is interested in acting, I would recommend that you try the Meisner Technique. It’s very therapeutic if you really invest in it. 

Words of Wisdom

My uncle was always very wise but cryptic with the things he would leave me with. One of the things he would say is, “When the student is ready the teacher will come.” I think that message was more about patience than anything. Obviously, on its face, it’s that things will come when you’re ready. My biggest thing is about being patient.

Bridging the Gaps

I am a Training and Compliance Specialist. It’s a big fancy title for “A Trainer.” We facilitate the education of the Credit Union employees. And that’s on the face, so we do a lot of other things. Primarily what you would think of a trainer is someone who comes in and administers training and tries to find the gaps and make the connections between employees. 

We also collaborate with other departments when there are big projects that require additional manpower. For example, we helped with the PPP Loans and things like that. Even though we’re not facing members, and we don’t get to interact with them as much, I believe that we have just as much of an impact as other member-facing staff. We show them the culture and what they can expect.

This position has been a real treat for me. 

Blake McCrary

FIGFCU Training and Compliance Specialist

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