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Keeping Your Money Safe
After Identity Theft Checklist

dentity theft is the crime of obtaining another person’s personal or financial information with the intention of assuming that person’s identity to make purchases or borrow money. If you become a victim of identity theft, you may feel upset and overwhelmed knowing someone has access to your private information. However, remember that recovering from identity theft is possible.

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Family Matters
Back-to-School Shopping

ou’ve procrastinated over doing your child’s back-to-school shopping because inflation has made the task seem about as fun as a trip to the dentist, you might be in luck. That’s because waiting until after the summer back-to-school sales may help you save

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Financial Wellness
What To Do Before Signing A Lease

Congratulations! You found the perfect rental to live in, and all you have to do now is sign a lease. Not so fast, however. You’ll need to look over specific details before moving forward. The lease is designed to protect the renter and the landlord, so you need to understand it fully. Here are five steps to take before signing a lease to help ensure a happily ever after.

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Financial Wellness
Personal Finance For Millennials

Many Millennials, who graduated during a time of job scarcity and enormous student debt, can be forgiven for being a little skittish about financial matters. After all, in addition to their own challenges, many saw their parents’ generation struggle with layoffs, stock market losses, and the housing crisis. Still, there’s a lot that today’s 20-30 somethings (in fact anyone in their early earning years) can do to build a brighter financial future.

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