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Is Tiny House Living Right For You?


Could your family live in 500 square feet or less? It may sound crazy, but more people are moving into tiny spaces known as micro homes. And they’re not just for young singles. Sure, large families would have a hard time, but for a small family that values life experiences over material items, it could be worthwhile. Interested? Here are a few pros and cons.



You can dramatically cut your mortgage or rent, as well as maintenance costs. You may even be able to buy more land with what you save.  

Reduced Carbon Footprint

A smaller home makes less impact on the environment and doesn’t require as much energy to maintain.

Simplify Your Life

Remove clutter from your house, and focus on the items—and people—that matter most.


Many companies, like Amazon, sell “build yourself” micro-home kits. If you have the skills and time, this might be the perfect project for you.  If so, the Credit Union has great value Signature Loans to make the dream real.


Some micro homes are mobile and easily moved by towing. If you are a “rolling stone” and value adventure but with all the comforts of home, a micro home may be the solution.


Lack of Privacy

Close quarters can help build better relationships with your family, but they also deprive you of personal space.

Strain on Relationships

Lack of “my space” can put a strain on the best relationships.  So if you value your man cave, she shed, or den, you might have a problem adjusting.

Little to No Storage

Space is at a premium with a micro-home, meaning no extra space for storage.  For stuff you’ve got to keep, you’ll need off-site storage which adds to the expenses.

No Home Office Space

Micro houses include only basic rooms, so working from home can be a challenge. Odds are, your office desk may have to double as your kitchen table.

Entertaining is Out

If you like to party, micro-housing isn’t the most sociable option. Since micro-homes only contain the basics, small seating, bedding, and cooking areas, there is little room for more than just the occupants.


If saving money is your primary motivation, book a free Financial Wellness Check with a Branch Counselor.  It’s quick, easy, and uncovers low-hanging opportunities to save and cut costs—all without downsizing your living space.  Also, if you need a change of location of a more conventional kind, consider one of our great value mortgages with white-glove home-buying service.

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