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Buy Now, Pay Later?

Airfare to air fryers. Thai food to tie clips. Memorabilia to memory foam. You can purchase just about anything these days with a buy now, pay later (BNPL) plan. In 2022 alone, consumers in the US bought around $250 billion in goods using BNPLs. The allure of making a small initial payment and splitting the remaining obligation into a series of automatic withdrawals is undeniable. The question remains: Is this a smart way to gain spending flexibility or a tool rife for accumulating bad debt?

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Farmers Agents
How To Prepare For A Recession Part 1:  Finance

The Federal Reserve has committed to a policy of fiscal tightening by raising interest rates. According to Fed Chairman Powell “we still have some ways to go…we will stay the course [keep raising rates] until the job is done.” This leaves the economy on a knife edge. Raise rates too much, too fast and we fall into recession.  Too little and prices continue to rise and eat up savings.  

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