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How To Compete For Homes In A Tight Market

Houses are rocketing in price and demand has been outpacing supply, spurred on by low interest rates and the fear that they will rise significantly through 2022. This is leaving prospective home buyers scrambling to find something affordable. But there are sensible strategies that can help you stay sane and in the game.

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Financial Wellness
Four Simple Ways to Automate Your Savings

One of the most frequently cited reasons people give for not saving is they cannot afford it. There may be ways to adjust priorities to find small ways to save. One way to force yourself to save is by automating your savings. It can give you the incentive you need to get started, and the process can be simple and painless. Here are four simple ideas to get you started.

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Your Study Guide to Paying off Student Loans

Student loans payments can rival those of a mortgage, and most graduates aren’t bringing in six figures a year at their first job either. However, there is no need to change your name and hope the authorities don’t catch up with you. It is completely possible to repay your student loans and avoid default, even if you are facing economic hardship.

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